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 Indonesia furniture is made by the production of Indonesia society. If we should buy this furniture, Jepara is certainly the middle of all this. Since first until now the folks of furniture jepara always pursue this field, many companies situated in Jepara which is engaged. And no wonder, if given the nickname as the middle of the furniture industry.

The sweetness of Indonesia furniture in Jepara do not need to doubt. Many beautiful designs and elegant, that it's inappropriate when used to decorate our homes. Besides beauty, the raw material in the manufacture of wooden furniture can be an option. Enterprises in furniture jepara do special tests to find the wood is, whether the timber was worth to be processed into this furniture or not. If it does not meet up with the criteria, then your timber will not be manufactured.

Criteria that must definitely be owned by way of a timber which will be processed to become Indonesia furniture such as for example drought have reached the number 9, as a result of this drought, the wood is harder to be attacked by pests or insects. Apart from drought, of course is the caliber of the wood itself, does contain lots of red or often called the heart wood or not. If the wood contains lots of color hearts, not feasible for used in the Indonesia furniture.

Indonesia furniture is no less with furniture that has been in a foreign country. Not only the neighborhood market behavior, however the global market, the Indonesia furniture has capabilities currently facing preformance in the competition. The proof, many foreign countries which imported furniture from Indonesia Country, State full of natural resources.

The Indonesian furniture manufacturer and exporter of Teak Garden Furniture, Mahogany Antique Furniture and French Style Furniture. All product collection providing by competitive price with high quality of international quality standart, good delivery, also we producing for custom furniture designs.


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furniture jepara